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Play SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK, SpongeBob's life at Bikini Bottom, in 44 countries. The environment suddenly transforms into an undersea town, so you must find a way to survive. You can unlock new characters, structures, and equipment.
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Play SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK, SpongeBob’s life at Bikini Bottom, in 44 countries. The environment suddenly transforms into an undersea town, so you must find a way to survive. You can unlock new characters, structures, and equipment.

Additional Information About SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK

App Name SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK
Publisher APK SAVERS
Size 195 MB
Latest Version 1.2.8
Root Required No
Installs 50,000+ downloads
Required 8.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Simulation
Developer Nickelodeon
Update 1 day ago
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Players in Minecraft will construct monuments such as SpongeBob’s Pineapple House, the Krusty Krab, and a replica of Bikini Bottom in Bikini Bottom. To learn more rare recipes and raise Bottomite, master cooking techniques at Krusty Krab. Complete a series of objectives to keep your favorite characters happy

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Game Overview

Nick (Nickelodeon International Children’s Channel) developed SpongeBob Moves In’s simulation game. 1. IOS 2.1 or later on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch works for those devices. Players can also build their own Beech Castle and watch the most original SpongeBob animations and dubs.

Spongebob Squarepants makes his first trip to Beechburg in this game. His life is unfamiliar to him. Please help him get to know everyone in town and get a job at Crab Castle. Several cooperative games are available, including Boss Crab, Sandy, Pai Daxing, and Brother Octopus. The main characters have been voicing themselves, so they’re very animated, and the sound effects fit perfectly.

SpongeBob SquarePants moves from his home at the Sandy Cheeks Aquarium to Beechburg. Whenever you are not sure of something, you should ask. Also available are Boss Crab, Snail, Sandy, Big Star, Brother Octopus, and SpongeBob.

SpongeBob Moves In is filled with cartoon images that are both entertaining and educational. The original SpongeBob cast lends their voices to this game, making it a real SpongeBob experience. SpongeBob Moves In has products that can be bought with real money. By changing your device’s settings, you can disable in-app purchases.

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SpongeBob Moves In Mod APK Features

Operating System

The wishing bottle helps speed up the construction process, acquire objects, and do other tasks. We’ve discussed the basics of gameplay; now, let’s discuss the painting style. If you watch it on the iPhone or iPad, you can see it. Look at the gameplay, and you will see characters and buildings that are all serious, and you will see the feelings of the passersby as shown in the video.

One of the things that you’ll notice immediately is that there is significant variation in the way the game is structured. These things are available at shops, and they are also available in gold coins. It’s pretty understandable, even though it’s written in English. While shopping on Amazon, you can see the price, output value, and time demand. Different decorations can yield different results. These elements are also necessary for meal preparation.

SpongeBob Moves In Mod APK

The gameplay is intriguing.

The game begins with SpongeBob’s arrival in Beechburg described briefly. Here is a guide for beginner Spongebob. It goes into the basic information of how to survive him. SpongeBob SquarePants Moves In’s core gameplay should be familiar to friends who have played business games. Some of the key responsibilities are growing veggies, manufacturing food, feeding passers-by, building houses, doing jobs, decorating locations, extending places, upgrading, unlocking new homes, etc.

All of these games are free to play and offer gold coins, experience, and wish bottles. At the beginning of the game, you must continue to grow plants and construct dwellings, and expand your territory. It’s always been possible to improve experience levels for these items through the use of gold coins, and the new experience system lets you increase your skills in the world of EverQuest II.

Unlimited Everything

SpongeBob Moves was released on Google Play last week with a MOD APK that lets you get infinite coins and buy items in-app from the cracked archives. This SpongeBob moves in-game guide is intended to help all players.

SpongeBob Moves In Mod APK

SpongeBob Moves In On PC

With so many internet-based games, most gamers don’t have much trouble deciding which game they want to play. Spongebob moves in is another enjoyable game on google play. It is a fantastic gaming experience.

This game has many funny characters, making it an exciting and fun game to play. When it comes to board games, this game is different from other games because instead of sitting down for an hour or As a result, this excellent and challenging game will give you a perfect gaming experience.

This section is devoted to providing a complete description of the game that you should read before downloading it from the internet.

SpongeBob Moves In for PC: Everything You Need to Know

It’s a very engaging, fun, and simple app that was designed to make you want to spend more time playing it than The game’s creators have improved the game’s graphics and added a new level of challenge to make it more fun and exciting. This application was written specifically to run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Therefore, if your computer does not have the Windows operating system installed, it will not be able to run this application.

The game is set in Bikini Bottom during Halloween. And SpongeBob and Patrick have just uncovered a pattern of extraterrestrial species that will help them defeat Bikini Bottom. That’s not a question for you. You’ve got no authority over such things as aliens.

Will you go to Mars to prevent the Martians from accomplishing their goal? No matter if you like to use it or not, you should learn how to play this fun online game, in which you’ll be watching out for the extraterrestrials that might try to invade The first game in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise has been designed to meet the high expectations of the franchise’s devoted fan base, and it does not disappoint.

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SpongeBob Moves In Mod APK

Creating a Unique Town

SpongeBob moves into town! It will not only improve the economy of Beechburg but also help us to go to many places around the globe. It’s a powerful tool for pupils who don’t display information well. You can create your own Biqi Burg town by referencing other people’s designs.

SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK Installation Process on Android?

Before initiating the installation process, ensure that there should be no previous version of SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK installed on your system. Now approach the system settings, go to the security and then clack on Enable option. (Follow this process if the installation doesn’t start) Installation of SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK is not too difficult. To install this app on your android device follow the followings steps

  1. Download the app by clicking on the download button.
  2. Once the downloading is complete, click on the app to open it.
  3. Proceed with the installation process of the app on your android device.
  4. Keep calm and follow all the given instructions.
  5. Once the installation bar reaches 100%, open the app and enjoy the amazing features.

SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK Installation Process on PC?

Installation of SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK PC is a very easy process. For installation of the app, you can use either NOX Player or Bluestacks. For smooth installation follow the given method

  1. For installation of this app firstly you must download and install Bluestacks players. This player is used to run a mobile app on your PC. It’s an android emulator.
  2. When you complete the installation of the Bluestacks player, then you can easily download MOD APK using our site.
  3. Once the download is complete, execute the file, or for installation use the option “Import from Windows” by clicking on it.
  4. When the installation is complete, approach the launch button, click on it, and here you go.

SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK Installation Process on MAC?

Installing SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK is not different from the previous one. You have to install an android emulator (Nox Players or Bluestacks players) on your MAC device. Once your install the emulator then the process is not too difficult. Follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure a smooth installation

Use the official website to download an emulator on your MAC. You can download anyone Nox players or Bluestacks players at your ease.

  1. After downloading, install the emulator according to the system instructions.
  2. Now download the SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK by following all the above-mentioned instructions.
  3. Approach the file on your MAC device and open it with the installed emulator using the option “Open with Nox player or Bluestacks”.
  4. Now for initiating the installation process on your MAC device, accept all the terms and conditions by clicking on Accept. Once the process starts it will take a few minutes to complete the installation.
  5. When the installation completes, a notification pop up. Then create a desktop shortcut of this SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK and enjoy using i
SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK
SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK

SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK FAQs

How many levels are there in SpongeBob moves in?

Complete Quest Packs: Obtain the “Complete Quest” achievement for all current quests, including their rewards. This process may take a long time, depending on the performance of your device and the number of quests available. You have reached the max level.

Is SpongeBob moving in offline?

Nickelodeon will close down the Spongebob Moves In app on May 31, 2021. Spongebob Moves In is a brand new mobile game by Nickelodeon and The Fred Savage Company. Spongebob moves into his new house in June 2013 and lets fans of SpongeBob Squarepants create their own Bikini Bottom.

What is the fastest way to get coins in SpongeBob moves in?

If you want to increase your level of achievement, you’ll have to read more stories and chapters in the game. When you complete more chapters and read more stories, you’ll earn more resources. One can obtain enough keys by using the SpongeBob Moves In cheats.

Public Reviews

Public Reviews

????‍♂️ Haley P :

Actual game is fun but there are far too many long adds, even after paying some for gems and to remove adds game is still paywall blocked and you can’t really progress without spending more. Such a shame. Edit: lately the paywall issues have been far less, I think they have made it easier to win gems and boosters and the game is much more enjoyable.

????‍♂️LaQuan Crawford:

I really like this game. The storyline is cute, and the concept is fun. There is some room for improvement when it comes to the food truck challenges. I find them very repetitive (I always find the food truck challenges repeat too soon with the same menu items). I also find the number of gems needed to purchase items is a bit too high at times. I am at the salty Splatoon level at the moment. Overall though based on where I am in the game, it’s a fun way to pass the time.


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1. Tap the downloaded SpongeBob Moves In MOD APK v1.2.8 Download 2022 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.