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Booking Revolution Mod Apk is a unique action game for fans of WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show.
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Booking Revolution is an exclusive action game designed for fans of Wrestling. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show. With captivating gameplay, players will experience exciting matches that are the unique fighting style against two rivals. Players must play high and low on the field. There will be an official presiding of the game so that you or your opponent can’t violate the law.

When you join Booking Revolution, you will experience the thrill of the fights between heavyweight wrestlers (WWE), which we regularly watch on TV. In addition, you’ll also be a WWE champion when you take to The Booking Revolution experience. We think it’s a realistic WWE simulation game within the mobile game market.

Take part in Booking Revolution. Booking Revolution, players can utilize every action and strategy to beat the other players. It’s a no-cost fight between two players that requires the possibility of using all games fighting, hitting, and making your opponent quit without any chances of standing, and you’ll be the winner. With so many players participating across the globe, You will not be able to tell which players you will be facing during this Booking Revolution.

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General Info

Players can manage the wrestlers during the game to gain. You must purchase wrestlers who can fight to achieve management success. After that, you’ll be in control of and manage the wrestlers and get away from the exciting battles with tremendous rewards. Booking Revolution works on multiple platforms.

Apart from the computer game, the publisher provides a game version available for smartphones running operating systems like Android and iOS. The player’s ranking is the primary goal of players who want to achieve high scores. Booking Revolution allows users to modify the settings within the game. The game displays the colors representing and designs the interface with nine distinct image positions that players can pick from.

As you transform into a muscular wrestler we usually see on TV; You will be able to experience numerous combats that are accurately depicted as you become the world’s most well-known WWE champion. It’s easy to master the controls of the game.

What players have trouble with while playing this Booking Revolution is how to play combos in real life? Explore and learn from every dramatic game.

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The Booking Revolution’s graphics platform, despite being claimed to be 3D however, is very sketchy with numerous fragmented frames. We should be satisfied with the authenticity of Booking Revolution through the effects and sounds of the combat. The colours are not bright like other fighting games. Instead, Booking Revolution gives us a more realistic experience.

Booking Revolution is a great game to play. The game is played online, with a lot of worthy players. The players will be involved in traditional fighting matches, taking down their adversaries.


The real value of the game lies in the game’s gameplay. You can control the character using a touch screen (pinch to grab or tap to strike and so on.) or with an actual joypad that appears on the screen. We believe it is better to use control buttons that are more suitable for smartphones or tablets.

After you have made a hold, you are able to choose which technique to use (e.g., when you are up, you do suplex, and with down, you can perform the pile-driver). The interaction with the objects is the main thing to be able to do. You can sit on tables and try the moves from a height, or use chairs, ladders, and fire sticks or put at the explosive.

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Glass panels are available to be broken through, neon, knives, motorcycles, and thumbtacks! Like in WWE games, you will earn the experience points by performing the moves correctly or taunts. Unfortunately, the experience points are always grips that are frontal. Thus, for instance, if you take Hulk Hogan, for example, He will not be able to perform the leg drop as his last move; however, he will have something different. It will still be possible to do the doom leg drop but without the knowledge aspect.

wrestling revolution 3d mod apk free

We recommend following the instructions to learn to play. Then, you’ll place yourself at 450 ° from the ring to your opponent. You will then lie on a table that is outside of the rings. The matches that are not disqualified create an atmosphere that is worthy of top ECW matches, while regular matches never get boring due to the variety of moves executed within the arena.

General Assessments

High Graphics

We’re not playing games with graphics similar to WWE. The character models create their presence felt in the arena. In terms of style, they have these huge eyes and round faces.

The interfaces are outdated, and the arenas can definitely be improved. There is an audience that’s motion-picture, and the female characters have bodies that are not feminine. You know that it’s an individual project and it is absolutely impossible to demand more. While the graphics are not enough but it’s the gameplay that is the real shining star that does the project.

Booking Revolution MOD APK


The game starts with choosing between a career option and an exhibition. If you decide to go through the career mode, let us build our wrestler introduced to the wrestling world. We can discuss Wrestling since this is much more than just a wrestler’s game; it’s an actual simulation of the everyday life of a wrestler.

Our hero will start at the lowest point. He is employed at a small gym and earns an unsustainable amount of money that does not provide a living. After each week, you’ll be able to see an expense report that will inform you of the amount you’ve spent as well as the amount you made. In between games, you can relax and enhance your abilities.

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Building Up Your Career

Beware of being reckless when playing in the career mode. As an accurate simulation, your character may be a victim of a lot of damage over a few weeks or get injured. There is also the possibility that we meet up against each other in the backstage area with characters seeking to fight. Also, it could be the case with people who pressure us to take illegal actions like taking steroids to boost our pretenses or perhaps go out at night for an alcoholic hangover.

Be careful! After a game and a game, we’ll be at the head’s table of the federation, where we will discuss our new gimmick.

It’s a topic where our boss is the one who has the final say if we aren’t famous enough to be able to control our creativity and determine our character’s alteration of appearance. It is essential to perform well to make waves on social media.

Maybe a prominent promoter will give you a lucrative deal. Then we can discuss the terms of the contract, such as the duration you commit to, your salary per week and the creative control, medical insurance, and many other aspects that determine the fate of a successful wrestler. It is all up to you.

Although they do not have the right to display the actual names of the wrestlers and Federations, wrestlers and their associations are well-known. For instance, the head of All American Wrestling is Vince McMale, and his wrestlers include Dragon Ryan (Daniel Bryan), Treble 8 (Triple H), Slam Dunk (CM Punk), Ralph Zipper (Dolph Ziggler), Alvin De Niro (Alberto Del Rio) and so on.

The federations are retracing what they are, the entire organizations, like Super Lucha Libre, which refers to the Mexican tradition, and Strong Style Wrestling, which should be considered a form of ROH. There are current wrestlers as well as legends from the past. With the pay version, you can modify the characters and change their names for wrestlers and associations, while with the no-cost version, you are forced to use the invented words.

In the exhibition mode, you have the option of choosing among a wide variety of rules and matches that will spoil you with choices. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s an editor for characters that lets you create the wrestler of your dreams (appearance and special moves and attributes, moves and attitudes within the arena). There are many moves available, and the program also creates some of them are made from scratch. You can edit your existing characters with the paid version and alter the outfits and moves. In the end, Booking Revolution is undoubtedly a real-life wrestler simulation.

Wrestling Revolution

A few classic video games created on consoles or computers appear on tablets and smartphones. In the past, the graphics of Wrestling Revolution were not the best; however, the gameplay and the longevity were fantastic. You would sit in front of the TV and forget about everything else around you.

It’s a feature only a handful of video games have. Wrestling Revolution is now available on iPhone as well as iPad. We’ll have to wait longer. Wrestling Revolution puts us in the shoes of a young wrestler trying to break through the loaves and become a star of the best sports show.

It’s difficult to master to participate at the top of the game and perform your role as the hero or heel, based on our decision. However, as we train, we will notice that the strength increase. We’ll be able to sign contracts, organize meetings with specific conditions, and participate in the biggest pay-per-view of the Federations.

Our goal is to be a main eventer and become a world champion. The wrestlers we’ll face are around 300 characters, each having specific characteristics and a distinct personality. In addition to the career mode, an exhibition style is accessible to those who wish to organize a meeting.

The graphics are essential; however, don’t let that fool you as Wrestling Revolution has kept its most valuable feature, the ability to play. It is available on iPhone as well as iPad via iTunes.

Hard Time

The hard Time game is among the vilest role-playing game with messy missions. With more than 10 million downloaded games, it’s a viral game played by young gamers. It lets you play as an inmate with more than 100 prisoners; there are 12 zones, each with various props and missions; the only thing you have to do is overcome and defy the rules designed to keep you. Download the game for free to transfer a Hard Time to your computer and begin playing it immediately.

When we talk about the Hard Time game, we discover it to have a different game content than the other game of role-playing that you’ve previously played. In Hard times, you will not have many choices apart from going to war, fighting the police, and being incarcerated. After that, it is time to create alliances and make friends with a different groups of prisoners during the game.

Hard Time offers a brand novel entertainment experience, and it’s some of the geeky aspects that you don’t see in any other game. Additionally, players can modify the character’s appearance, strength, and attack in a Hard Time. Your mission is to commit as many bad things as you can to become a prisoner, which is the central aspect of gameplay. Time is hard. Time can engage, interact with fellow prisoners, and attract them to form gangs and earn money.


APKSAVERS Booking Revolution MOD APK was recently updated to a mighty update, with many new features. The central part is the defense and attack methods that are different from others.

You can only see an American arena and the bloody wrestling circle. The main attraction is the circular area with two wrestlers fighting simultaneously. There are various characters to choose from, and you can make an individual character that has the characteristics and abilities to fight your way.

Join the revolution and watch 3D wrestling on your handheld device. Make history in the sport of wrestling. You will be amazed by the unique, flexible visual system and hundreds of angles.

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